Fashion and Cosmetics

Understanding the changes in general lifestyle trends is key to understanding consumer needs and creating innovations.

Current fashion is “anything goes,” with no single trend dominating style or defining a fashion or color season. Personal style currently rules in fashion, and women make choices regarding their appearance every day, reflected by beauty product choices on any given day. Makeup artists who work hand in hand with fashion brands are catalysts between fashion and beauty trends.

Women see fashion and beauty as one and the same thing. Among other things, a woman’s hair style, skin care and makeup are as important as her choice of clothes. The emblematic look of the ’60s or ’80s is characterized by certain ways of wearing hair and makeup, along with the way people wear particular types of clothes. All these elements are like a vocabulary creating the ‘expression of femininity’ language.

Many companies help clients read this language in today’s markets in order to anticipate future trends. Furthermore, they work with beauty brands to help them understand long-term trends based on sociological changes.

Understanding the changes in lifestyles is the best way to understand the needs of female consumers and to be able to bring them breakthrough innovations.