Work Environment at Atomizer Kozmetik A.Ş.

Atomizer Kozmetik A.Ş. is a well-known producer and importer established in 1962. From time to time various vacancies in Production, R&D, Accounting, Sales & Marketing and Administrative Affairs departments are available, therefore we intend to use this section of our web site to inform you about the work environment and available positions at Atomizer Kozmetik A.Ş.

Under the supervision of Total Quality Management team, current and new employees are provided training about Compatibility at work, Occupational Health Safety, Environment & Waste Management, Employer-Employee Communication within ISO9001, ISO22716, HALAL certification requirements. Our Human Resources department periodically reviews the needs, recommendations and problems of employees and provides written feedback after evaluation with company management. The Human Resources department is organized on a horizontally-wide structure and it is their duty to ensure our employees are well-trained and the conditions for long-term commitment and sustainability are provided.

The employer-employee relationship basis at Atomizer Kozmetik is built on relative Turkish Republic legislations as well as Sedex and FAMA- ILS accreditation. Employees receive their salaries between the 5th and 10th working day of each month. Each employee is handed his/her copy of the payroll and should there be a need for overtime due to production needs relative employees receive 50% of their net salary as premium payment. Atomizer Kozmetik is ready for unannounced/announced audits by ministries, independent audit companies and clients 24/7.

Working hours are between 08:00-18:00 5 days a week excluding weekends. Employees have a 30 minute lunch break between 12:00-12:30 and a 30 minute tea break between 15:30-16:00.

Lunches prepared by in-house kitchen personnel are served taking into consideration that the meals should be nutritious and practical, therefore home- made dishes are preferred. Tea, dessert and fruits are available during lunch and tea breaks at least 3 days a week. Hygienic standards of our kitchen personnel are monitored regularly by our Total Quality management team.

Atomizer Kozmetik is yet to provide transportation service to its personnel. Feasibility studies within management and Human Resources are still in process.

Please use ik@atomizer.com.tr to contact us for your job applications.

Atomizer Kozmetik A.Ş.
Human Resources Department